Mountain Biking in Nepal


Mountain Biking in Nepal

mountain biking

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Nepal offers some of the finest bike trails on Earth! There are virtually millions of tracks out there. Some people have even started calling Nepal a "Mecca for Mountain biking." Until few years back, visitors came to Nepal mostly to trek, climb , raft or to see the Tigers in the wild. But now, a new sensation has begun.....mountain biking!

Have you ever wondered how would it be to ride alongside some of the tallest mountains in the world? Or crisscross the hundreds of valleys, inhabited by the indigenous people whose lifestyle has remained unchanged for centuries, through terraced fields, rice paddies, rivers and jungles.

This site brings you information on mountain biking in Nepal, the mystical place with 10 of the 14 tallest mountains in the world.

See Nepal on a mountain bike. You will love it ! BikeNepal believe that bikes are the most versatile way of seeing Nepalese rural lifestyle and exploring "off the beaten track."

Join us for a bike ride and we will guarantee you the highlights of your entire stay in Nepal.

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Mountain biking in nepal

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Company Profile: Professionally run and managed by some of the pioneers of mountain biking in Nepal, BikeNepal organizes quality mountain bike tours in the Kingdom of Nepal.

Nepal is fast gaining the popularity as the ‘Mecca’ for mountain bikers as she provides innumerable network of tracks & trails, which criss-crosses the dwellings of hundreds of different ethnic inhabitants whose lifestyle has remained unchanged for centuries. The riding possibility ranges from a low land of just few hundred feet above the sea level to the highest point on earth, The Everest. This backdrop couldn’t be more ideal for the mountain bikers anywhere else on this earth.

BikeNepal believes that bikes are the most versatile way of seeing the Nepalese rural lifestyle and exploring “off the beaten tracks.” Join us for a bike ride and we guarantee you are going to love it.

A competent bike tour guide escorts all our tours. You will also appreciate our range of bikes with quality gear and brake systems from Shimano. A fork suspension is a must in all our bikes. Other accessories include helmet, water bottle, racks & panniers. Van support is provided whenever necessary.

One to several days tours are available to suit your fitness level and preferences.

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What you need to know while biking in Nepal

Here are some of the Frequently asked questions about Nepal and Mountain Biking in Nepal. This section will be updated as we come across more questions. If you think you have good questions that might interest others, please send them to us. We will include them here.

A. Cost

Question 1 - How much does it cost to bike with BikeNepal?

Answer: An average cost for a day is anywhere between US$ 30 to US $120. It depends on the logistics involved.

Question 2 - How much does it cost to hire a local MTB Guide?

Answer: BikeNepal provides a local MTB guide from US$ 30/day to US$ 50/day depending on the kind of trail.

Question 3 - How much does it cost to hire just the MTB?

Answer: Here are the MTB hire rates

Daily - US $ 30
Weekly - US $ 200
Monthly - US $ 500



Question 1 - What kind of bikes does BikeNepal has?

Answer: We have bikes of various makes and sizes. Trek, Cannondale etc. with 16" to 21" frame size. Our bikes have fork suspension, Stem suspension, or Full suspension.

Question 2 - Does BikeNepal sell MTB spare parts?

Answer: We sell SHIMANO accessories. The part inventory is fairly small and limited to popular items only. Please call +9779841111287 to check the availability.


Question 1 - How do I book a tour with BikeNepal?

Answer: Send us an email or write to us stating the date, number of people, and the Short Product Name you wish to book. Once we receive your request, we will notify you by email of your booking status. Alternatively, you can just pick up that phone and call us through Viber. Our Viber number is +9779841111287

Question 2 - What is the lead time required to book a tour?

Answer: Tours can be organised on a one week prior notice,However, we encourage you to give us more time for customised tours.

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